when music meets ...                  extermination


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From 1943 onwards, the SS fulfilled its fantasy of bringing together over forty female musicians from all over Europe in the Auschwitz orchestra. They were directed by the niece of Gustav Mahler, Alma Rose, whom the survivors still worship to this day.

Twelve women who still call themselves the "Orchestra", ask us questions about the passing on of the memory of the Holocaust through the sole prism of the music which shaped their entire lives. They confront us with the evolution of the memory which has been distorted by commemorations, official history and sensational novels. They do so without calculation, but because of their unique equation: surviving between the music and extermination.






  1. European Film Academy

  2. Melbourne International Festival

  3. Bronze Plaque Award HBO  /Colombus International Film & Video Festival

  4. Prix du Jeune Public / Visions du Réél - Nyons

  5. Nominated Prix du Cinéma Européen 1999


  1. Violette  (France) - Anita  (UK)

  2. Hélène (Belgium) -Eva (Germany)

  3. Flora (Holland) - Margotte (Tchekia) - Yvette (USA) - Regina (Israel) - Sylvia (Israel) - Hilde (Israel) - Helena (Poland) - Zosia (Poland)

director: michel daëron
editor: eva feigeles aimé
dop: jacques bouquin
sound: olivier le vacon
music: martin friedel
mix: eric bonnard 
producers: hetty Naajkens          
           serge lalou 
           marie-george suriam
             martine barbé
             anne verschave
             eliane stutterheim
with the support of MEDIA