They had a dream...

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One hundred Chagossians visit Diego Garcia

Abandoned house in  Peros Banhos


Film Crew

Producer:               Marie-George Suriam

Director:                Michel Daëron

Ass. Directors:        Axelle Tennant

                             Dominique Merven

Editor:                   Eva Feigeles

Composer:             Jacques Davidovici

D.O.P.:                 Mahen Bujun

Sound Recordist:    Bhimsen Conhyedoss

Mixer:                  Michael Koderisch

“I want my island back” says Lorenza from the Seychelles

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They had one dream: go back to their Indian Ocean islands. Forty years after they were secretly deported by the British and the American governments, this dream comes true. But since the main island Diego Garcia has become one of the biggest American military base outside the USA, they are only entitled to one day-visit per island. During their journey another voyage comes back to the surface. We are in 1973 when suddenly, in each house, soldiers come into sight.   

Prix Lucien Kimiténé - FIFIG 2011
Amnesty International Special Mention at San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival
FIPA 2011 Fipa d’or & Young Europeans Prize

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